Ok so when i was diagnosed i started to do some research, as if i was diabetic almost…i mean i take medication like a diabetic so my body must be similar to one.

Sugars. The enemy…

The big thing with diabetes is sugar and carbohydrates (this breaks down into glucose in the body…which infact is sugar) so re-evaluting what you eat is a pretty big deal but if you need to lose weight, or are TTC this is something you are willing to do no matter how hard it may be.

BIG THING: LOW FAT IS FULL OF SUGAR…well they’ve got to get the taste from somewhere, this maybe not true in all cases but most especially if you look at yoghurts or other snacks. 

The best way i found was approaching this big change as a long term deal, this was my life, i had this ‘condition’ so i need to make a permanent change…but i also had in mind, if this is real life I am allowed to have a treat instead of a cheat!


is my main saviour, instead of chips i’d have corn, slaw or vegetables (especially when dining out), mainly accompanied by meat, chicken is my favourite but i do indulge in things like full english breakfasts (i don’t think i should call it full because its minus the toast, hash-brown and beans) because you can eat as much eggs, sausage and bacon as you want, tomatoes are healthy so fill your boots! Unfortunately because i am not a vegetarian i have not got any great substitutions for all you veggies out there 😦 Sorry!!

Cottage pie topped with carrots and swede with cheese instead of potato. A bowl of chilli by itself. Turkey meatballs in sauce with veg. It’s the simple things that make the big differences just try not to focus too much on the ‘missing’ food and think of how you are changing things for the better.


Happy Foods :]…

Cheese is a good additive, melted or in a salad plus it’s high in calcium, a thing i fear i would lack without giving it a second thought. I like to shake things up a bit by adding it to scrambled eggs, using it as a topping on other things (will go into detail later) and also just as a quick snack (sneaky handful or block of cheese, ups your calories too if you struggle to keep your metabolism going). 

Eggs! Eggs! Eggs! good source of protein, can be fried, scrambled, poached or made into an omlette so many possibilities! Not super calorific and is so versatile you could have it for Breakfast, Lunch or Tea!

Meat…right you need to be careful here, anything thats pure meat is fine but things like meatballs and sausages are a bit devious, they hide carb contents as a bulking and binding agent so check your packets! (I don’t really have a certain limit of how many grams of carbs i just compare on the shelves and see out of whats there and pick the lowest) 

Chocolate – the higher the cocoa content the lower the sugar content, i’ve held onto this precious knowledge to help my through tough times, it may be a bit bitter but it would give me that hit a lot faster and harder meaning i wouldn’t eat as much and was more choco-satisfied!

No no’s … :[

Unless you are having a treat these are not the greatest things to be eating…sweets, crisps, cakes…basically all the fun things that you deep down know that you shouldn’t be eating! Sorry to burst your bubble, i really wish we could all eat chocolate all day long and be a size 8 haha!

Other things like pasta (sorry!) potatoes (sorry sorry!) rice (eek!) and bread (super super sorry!) are all off the cards, as being pure carbohydrates they don’t do you any favours. We are lead to believe that these are healthy (and might be for some people) but for us they make our weight loss journey almost impossible! The simple (and innocent seeming) jacket potato would be coupled with perhaps salad and tuna, making a healthy meal when really the tuna and salad is great but the potato might as well be a bar of chocolate :/ awful i know but if we are to fix this we need to be informed and realistic!

Few of my faves…

Quiche without the crust (pictured) – i make this with spinach rocket and ham, but really anything can be added into the eggy mix.


Low carb brownies – these are my absolute favourite!! They are the nicest treat when you’ve worked hard not to stray, and you know they won’t ruin your efforts

Low carb peanut butter cookies – easy and quick to make YUM

 you can find reams and reams of other recipes all across the world wide web!
My daily munchings…
Breakfast: Scrambled eggs with cheese (a smidge of ketchup)
Snack: handful of salted cashew nuts
Lunch: Tuna from a tin, mayonnaise , cucumber and onion.
Snack: Handful of raspberries with some full fat greek yoghurt with a sprinkle of sweetener.
Tea: Chicken thighs, mayonnaise for dipping. 
Mainly drinking tea, coffee, water or sugar free flavoured water and also sugar free fizzy pop. Coke zero has no aspartame so may be favourable for people who are quite conscience of that.

I probably only have fruit 2-3 times a week due to the sugar although natural it is still sugar. I take vitamins including iron to make sure i am receiving the right nutrition. I am in no way medically qualified so if you do have any reasons that you think you shouldn’t do anything the same or similar when changing your eating habits i would advise speaking to you doctor or specialist. 

It’s really your preference because this is your journey i just hope i can help with a few tips and tricks 🙂

Don’t be too critical, keep positive and remember we are all human so having a treat every so often will boost your mood ! Good Luck with everything 🙂 x